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Association Health Plans Now Available

Asset Solutions Group (ASG) in conjunction with Hometown Health and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)® brings Northern Nevadan’s Money-Saving Association Health Plans.

For the first time in almost 10 years, Northern Nevada small business owners sized 1-50 can secure discounted insurance plans when they are an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and sign up for Hometown Health’s BBB Association Health Plan. Call your broker to sign up. If you don’t have a broker and you would like to sign up for the Association Health Plan contact Asset Solutions Group (ASG)ASG is the broker of record for the BBB AHP but that does not mean you can’t sign up through your existing broker.

Important Documents

  1. BBB Group Enrollment Application Form
  2. Association Health Plan Participation Requirements
  3. BBB Association Health Plan Benefits-at-a-Glance
  4. View the 2019 Hometown Health Rate Tables Here

Qualifications and Criteria for the BBB Association Health Plan

  • Business can have no more than 50 employees
  • Must have a valid Nevada Business License
  • Must be licensed in one of the following counties: Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lyon, Mineral, Pershing, Storey, Washoe, and White Pine
  • Become an accredited business of the BBB and maintain BBB Accreditation Standards
  • Self Employed Individuals enroll between December 14 – February 15
  • Groups of 2-50 have year-round enrollment

BBB Association Health Plan Benefits Include

  • BBB Members save between 3-27% on premiums (depending on age)
  • ACA compliant – meets minimum essential coverage guidelines
  • Guaranteed issue — age-banding helps determine rates
  • Provides access to Renown Health providers
  • Provides access to the Hometown Health National Network for employees and dependents that live out of state

Getting Started

Step 1: Become a BBB Accredited Business — Allow 7-10 business days for approval

Step 2: Reach out to your current broker to enroll in a Hometown Health BBB Association Health Plan.

Step 3: Browse the available plans and make a selection before the deadline of *February 15, 2019

*Self-employed individuals must enroll before February 15, 2019. Groups of two or more have year-round enrollment.

About the Better Business Bureau (BBB)better business bureau logo

The BBB serves the community of Northern Nevada and Utah by offering an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.

The BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. They accomplish this by:

  • Setting standards for marketplace trust
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices by engaging with and educating consumers and businesses
  • Celebrating marketplace role models
  • Calling out and addressing substandard marketplace behavior
  • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses and charities

The BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors — integrity and performance. Integrity includes respect, ethics, and intent. Performance speaks to a business’s track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactorily manner.

Become a BBB Accredited Business and qualify for the BBB Association Health Plans.

About Asset Solutions Group (ASG) asg logo

Asset Solutions Group offers health and life benefits for businesses, individuals, and families. The brokers there, lead you through the process of selecting the best plans for your budget. They put together attractive benefits packages and help you maintain them, so you stay up-to-date and compliant.

Their success is built on a foundation made of trust, understanding, experience, and compassion. That is why the partnership with the BBB works so well. ASG understand the complex and ever-changing insurance market. They promise to stay ahead of all the new regulations and will lead you through the insurance process. They also offer accurate and timely information to the public at no cost. They are a reliable resource not just for their clients but for the community. At any time, the public can visit their website and have the latest industry articles at their fingertips. You may sign up for their email alerts and receive free access to a human resource library. Visit the ASG Website

If you don’t have a broker and you would like to sign up for the BBB AHP, contact Asset Solutions Group (ASG)

About Hometown Health  hometown health logo

Established in 1988, Hometown Health is the insurance division of Renown Health and is northern Nevada’s largest and only locally-owned, not-for-profit insurance company providing wide-ranging medical coverage and great customer service to members. Highlights include:

  • Competitive rates and one of the largest provider networks
  • A wide range of plans with unique benefit options
  • Online member benefits through My Benefits Coverage™
  • URAC Accredited Health Plan
  • Full-service, self-funded TPA with options for groups 50+
  • Excellent customer service & average client relationship of 9 years
  • On-line enrollment and premium billing
  • Health Hotline: specially trained registered nurses answer medical conditions
  • Healthy Tracks, a comprehensive health, and wellness program
  • Senior Care Plus, a Medicare Advantage Plan

Visit the Hometown Health website


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